A recent study has shown that kids with computers are getting dumber, not smarter. Why? Two reasons.

1. Kids with computers at home don’t do their homework.

2. Information access doesn’t provide deep knowledge.

Computers and the internet provide us with so many facts, kids with access don’t think enough, don’t develop critical thinking, and aren’t creative enough. If you can look up the answer (someone’s answer) to a deep philosophical question, are you going to think about it yourself, come to your own conclusion?

When I go web surfing, I find out all sorts of weird facts, enhance my view of the world, etc. But I’m spending that time not making cool things nor creating. Sure, sometimes I’m writing this, which is at least something permanent I can share and a creative activity that helps develop my writing style.

(At least I hope it does; I’m conscious I’m writing short chunks for the short attention span of the web, perhaps atrophying any ability to write important documents like a thesis. Anyway, a warning. We’ve reached the part of the blog entry where I make a sweeping generalisation that makes a good sound bite.)

We kids of today don’t have hobbies. We have favourite movies, TV shows and websites. We develop skills for jobs but not for ourselves. If a group of us were lost in the wilderness, we’d all be stuffed.

But hey, look at this hot pic of Paris Hilton naked!
(Picture not included.)