When the two companies keeping some semblance of competition in the desktop creative space merge, Wired News: Adobe Acquires Macromedia, what happens? I really like Adobe, and I’m very happy this deal didn’t go down the other way round, but this isn’t exactly going to encourage innovation.

Adobe do a pretty decent job of upgrading their software, but they can take a while to do it. Plus, when the going got tough for Premiere on the Mac, they binned it. Nobody cried, but it shows their attitude to the Mac market, and one vendor shouldn’t have that much power.

Oh, hang on. One very large, despised company already does.

So now, on the Mac, it’s going to be Adobe all the way. At least the horrible interfaces on the Macromedia stuff will improve, and maybe Flash can pick up the long-dead LiveMotion interface for animation. Please.