Blasphemy ahead: you have been warned.

So the Pope’s died. Ignoring the living hell that Africa’s becoming because of the edict that condoms are “against god”, my concern is with those who are praying for Pope John Paul II. While I don’t have a copy of the Heaven Entry Rules in front of me, surely he’s home and hosed? Surely if anyone’s getting in, the Pope is… or is there some level of doubt out there?

Here in Brisbane (and I guess in many places) most churches have boards out the front with changing messages in large red and black letters. My favourite up until now has been the distinctly odd “JESUS IS GOD WITH SKIN”. The new winner, though, is one recently seen on an Anglican church that ended in “OUR GOD LIVES”.

Isn’t it nice to know that Christians are all kind and considerate to one another?

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  1. Interesting!

    The poor people of the world are usually uneducated. These people are deprived of birth control and sex education. Therefore, producing the most children. Yet these people suffer from poverty conditions, malnutrition, war, lack of sanitary conditions, lack of medical help, etc. The life span is the shortest, and the infant mortality rate the highest.
    Does anyone really think that a loving and caring god would prefer children born to suffer and die? Does god want the birth mother to suffer by watching her children die?
    Is it not possible that god gave us the knowledge to invent things like antibiotics and other life saving drugs so we could use them to avoid suffering? Then wouldn’t the invention of the birth control pill be another way to avoid suffering?
    The church needs to wake up!

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