Burning Life, the blog

Burning Life, the event in SL, has spawned a blog about it, also called Burning Life. My blocks are on there, though the author didn’t think there were enough letters to spell out anything worthwhile. There are about 100 blocks, each with random letters on six sides. The letters change when you click the blocks!

So, a hearty thank you for noticing, accompanied by a quiet pffft.

Finally done with my plot in Burning Life. I think. The blocks randomly change letters when you click them and they’re all moveable, so I’m expecting rude words aplenty. Before the letter blocks there were different coloured wooden blocks, and the first thing to happen was a total mess (as intended!). But most recently, someone spent a bit of time making neat coloured piles. I’m glad people are getting into the spirit, no matter how they play with it.

Get thee to Tat’s blog! And get into SL!

Tat’s blog, Dwell On It, really has some interesting stuff these days — chat, stats, more. And SL has ever more interesting stuff in it, too.

For the older among you: remember when people started telling you about “the web”? Or even Compuserve? Would you have thought that in just a few years it would revolutionise the way a lot of us access, share, publish information?

Here we go again: Second Life is the 3D web. It’s going to be huge. Get in now and tell your friends.