So is a great idea, right? You get to put your own photo on your credit card or bank card. Lovely. They have a long list of exclusions (no logos, phone numbers, etc.), but ANZ is all too happy to hide behind today’s scaredycat copyright bullshit.

We don’t want a cheesy shit photo of one of us mugging for the camera, so we sent one of our best photos, of Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone. Colour corrected and saturation boosted, because it’s going to last a few years.

They just rejected the photo, without giving a reason, and stating they won’t enter into any discussion about it. So… the photo looked too professional? Could maybe be copyright by someone else? We’re signing terms and conditions that already say it’s not, motherfrackers. Only crappy pictures allowed? Please. Making me angry, and it’s too late at night to be angry.

(Earlier, my stripes were accepted for my card. I like stripes. I guess no professional artist ever used stripes. Right?)

Don’t think I’m jumping on a bandwagon just because I’m embedding a video from YouTube on my blog. It’s my team’s entry from the recent Brisbane 48 Hour Film Project, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. Hope you like it!