So here’s the plug. I like Second Life. You might like Second Life too; it’s a virtual world without goals but with a ton of freedom to create, chat, and do anything you want. You can skydive, fly, drive weird vehicles, snowboard, make buildings, design clothes, make friends, change gender, learn languages, discuss politics, explore sci-fi wonderlands, fight people, have sex, gamble and even, if you want to, look like the chef from The Muppet Show.

If you have a Mac or Windows box (Linux coming soon!) made in the last couple of years, you can check it out, and it’s free to join. Anyway, if you sign up through this link, they’ll send me L$1000 of the in-game currency, as a referral fee. (That’s about US$4 today.)

Then, I’ll give half of that L$1000 back to you. The other half I’ll waste on something stupid like a new jetpack or some clothes. Or on uploading textures for something fun I might build. See you in-world?

Happy 2006 everyone. Since you can read this, your system has updated itself to point at my new site, which has mucho space and bandwidth. There’ll be more multimedia stuff coming soon.